Welcome to my blog! 

Here I share my passion for teaching and learning

Passion! Is this what caught your eye and got you wondering what passion? Believe me, this is what I would have thought some twelve years back when teaching was but a nightmare. Students came and went. I had my best moments in the classroom and those that I wished could be forgotten (what a big mistake that would have been).

This blog takes you through my journey as a teacher. The blog is a fusion of my professional, academic and personal life. Details regarding professional and academic credentials can be found at the ‘About’ page. Catch a glimpse of my life ‘Outside the classroom’ to find out how I stay motivated. Flash the warning lights if I become too personal and bore you with details of my not so eventful life.

One more thing, I do outreach projects that are aimed at advancing the education for all agenda. I am a proud founder of the reading project named The Magic in the Page 2016.  Join me every Thursday at 1430 hours at Segoditshane Primary School to read with students and assist in educational club activities.

A picture says a thousand words

I have included a gallery of my adventures as well. Someone might spot something in the images that I could not capture in words.

Thanks for visiting and please remember to leave a comment. There is a contact form in case you have any questions and comments you would want to forward.

The views expressed in this blog are mine and do not in any way reflect those of my employer and any organisation with which I am associated.

Happy reading!



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