Meet and greet Basetsana Tlhobogang

I am a Media and Communications specialist with particular interest in 21st century digital technologies and their impact in promoting learning that goes beyond formal learning environments. Currently I teach Communications at Molepolole College of Education in Botswana, a post I have just resumed after two years of study leave. It was in these last two years that my passion for writing was re-ignited, culminating into this blog.

I also have a qualification in Secondary Education and 8 years experience of teaching English Language.

New kid on the blog

I am an armature in the blogosphere and I am here to share my experience and reflections as a teacher. My blog takes you through this journey.

I am pleased to announce that there has been lots of fun, amid the challenges that a lot of us in this profession might be aware of. I look forward to interacting with new as well as seasoned teachers, and everyone who has been through the hands of a teacher.


I am interested in promoting the use of new media technologies and engagement of learners in 21st century learning environments at basic and higher education levels, in Botswana. This will be achieved through research and collaboration with the curriculum department, policy-makers and other stakeholders in the Ministry of Education and Skills Development.

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