After several months of repose, here I resurface

This is my first blog entry in about 10 months. The other posts before this one were imported from my other site that I decided to close due to technical reasons.

My promise

 I am not making an oath, but I solemnly promise (myself and my audience) that I shall take this blogging exercise seriously. I believe I have a story to tell. You might have heard several other stories on the topic of education, (and technology) because this is such a universal phenomenon, but my story like every other story is unique.

Image of myself reading a story
A story that caught my eye-Brisbane

The beauty and essence of story telling is timeless. There are various facets to my story. Among them are, sharing the pleasant experiences of my fist years of teaching. I am hoping this will put things into perspective for aspiring teachers; and inspire those who are struggling with the challenges of teaching in general as well as those facing challenges associated with teaching with 21st century technology. Without being repetitive, I think it is worth mentioning [again] that I have walked the path of being intimidated by digital technology.

In the beginning

This blog started off as an assessment task for the subject ‘Writing and Editing for Digital Media’ which I took during my studies in Master of Global Media Communication at The University of Melbourne. Having successfully completed another subject ‘Cultural Policy and Power’ which introduced me to blogging, I thought my nerves would behave this time around. Instead, they raged violently as I came to the realization that we were taking things several notches higher. I will forever be indebted to my lecturer Dr Sybil Nolan, who understood my fears and did her best to calm me down. There were moments when things got so ugly I could not open a word document because I was too confused. I have never stopped laughing at myself for this.

Well I managed. And it did not end there. I had to acknowledge that I had stepped into a new territory. It was exciting and scary at the same time. Two factors hardened my resolve to keep the blog alive. The first factor was the need to master the skills in digital technology. The other was the opportunity to publish my thesis findings. It is common knowledge that blogs are the new, and cheapest platform for sharing all sorts of user-generated content.

The evolution

For the longest period I could not think beyond the five posts I published in 2013 which was the requirement for assessment. So there was no activity on my blog for about nine months. It is my thesis that came to my rescue, leading to the evolution that the blog is going to undergo. I hope to keep it as interesting as I can, so don’t be put off by the suggestion that I am going to share details of my research here.

After several months of repose, I got to show something for it.

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