Welcome to the classroom

Got the qualification! Ready to deliver!

Image of books and graduation hat
Congratulations on your accomplishment

I still don’t understand why no one had told me the qualification was just a license to allow me into the classroom. To practice and play the role a teacher is entrusted with I needed more. First I was frustrated. I had never imagined students who could not speak English. I had to snap out of my fantasy quickly. English is their second language, and this is the only place they get to use the language. I had to change my tactics: 1.Speak slowly 2.Tone down 3.Inspire the learners 4. Be patient.  The list is endless. To cut the long story short, I realised the best teachers are those that are willing to learn every day.

Welcome to the classroom

Here there are no set rules regarding effective delivery of content. Here is that perfect  lesson plan with all the beautiful teaching/learning aids and perfect time allocation for each activity. Well in this case the lesson plan is not going to work. No point insisting. Scrap it. I’ve been there and faced the question “How do I go on from here?” I have panicked and come to the realisation that if I don’t keep my composure there could be chaos. Every teacher’s nightmare I reckon, especially the first years in the profession, before we master the tricks of the trade.

Did I mention this was just one of the many hurdles I had to overcome? There were those students who would go out of their way to mess my day. My day? Is it about me? Reflections after the lesson point me to my notes: education psychology. I retrieve some very useful details, requiring that I do some introspection. And I got my first lesson.

The classroom is for those who are willing to learn, if you are one of them WELCOME.

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